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Danish Breeders Cup 2016 – Karma did Strike Back!

June 27th, 2016 · Dansk Breeders' Cup, Foto, Klampenborg

The weather was perfect and a lot of people had found their way to the track on this Sunday

Manacor and Susanne Springer in the paddock

Jockey Oliver Wilson in the paddock in Mericon’s (Marc Stott) colors

The group around Stinger. The owners from Shaker stable and trainer Hanne Bechmann and her
husband and jockey Carlos Lopez

Jockey Kevin Stott recieves the last riding orders for Dark Eagle from Trainer and big brother Marc

I met this dog and owner on my way to the winners paddock and couldn’t resist them

Kevin Stott on Dark Eagle

Jan-Erik Neuroth on Shalalee (SWE)

Carlos Lopez on Stinger

Sara Slot on Special Grey in his normal flying style

Nicolaj Stott on Zamir (SWE) and Per-Anders Gråberg on Karmastrikesback

Per-Anders Gråberg on Karmastrikesback

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The French Ladies: Indigo & Lariyda

June 23rd, 2016 · Avl, Breeding, Foto

Lariyda (FR) at Hjortebo, Bjerringbro, Denmark
– Photo: Iben Buskop

It’s not a lot of French horses we’ve had in our stable. But the two that stand out are Indigo and Lariyda. Both owned by Shaker Stable and both bought at auction in France.
Lariyda (Dr. Fong-Luriyva) was first in the stable and was a horse we all liked immediately as was the case with Indigo (Falco-Blanche), when she came along later.

Both Ladies unfortunately had issues that made a continuation of their racing carreer impossible. The good part of this is, that both mares have come to good homes as broodmares.

Lariyda has found a new home at Hjortebo Stud and is now in foal with Center Divider (USA). As you can see, she looks fabulous and the word has it, she’s the leading lady in the paddock. We’re very pleased as she is greatly missed, as is Indigo. We knew from the beginning where Lariyda was going, so no big deal to check up on her.

Carlos Lopez and Lariyda in their final start. On Klampenborg 16th. May 2015 where they won

Indigo waiting for her race at Norwegian Derby Day 2015 where she was 3rd.

It was quite a diffrent story with Indigo. She was the favorite of one of the girls at the stable (Bechmann Racing) and she loved her dearly and still misses her a lot, as do I. She was determind to find out, what had happend to her. Only yesterday did she find her, after quite the detective work.

Indigo is in Ireland and is in foal by Camelot (Montjeu – Tarfah). Just for your information, one covering is 25,000 Euro! We couldn’t be more pleased for our lovely horse, that she has a good home, where she is valued.

We’re looking forward to seeing both mares foals, when that time comes. And if you’re lucky you’ll get to see them too – watch this space.

As an afterthought, I wonder why the name of the buyer (new owner) is not put into the sportssystem, when the horse is in there anyway and it states they have been exported to…..If you started why not finish, and I’d think the whole deal is in the system anyway since they need the passport and everything. Maybe someone can answer why not+ Not a lot of extra minutes to put the rest of the info.

Carlos Lopez and Indigo heading for their 3rd. place on Norwegian Derby Day 2015

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R.I.P. Hanne (Wikke)

June 22nd, 2016 · Diverse, Enghavelyst, Foto, Klampenborg

Dette foto er taget, da Monte Carlo blev døbt, hvor vi havde en dejlig eftermiddag, og er af Hanne Bechmann og Hanne med Monte Carlo

Det er så utroligt trist, at det næsten ikke er til at fatte. Vi i stalden forstår det stadig ikke helt. Sådan er det, når det pludselig går så stærkt, og sygdom griber ind i vores ellers så dejlige hverdag og river et dejligt og positivt væsen fra os.

Hanne var hesteejer i “min” stald, Bechmann Racing på Enghavelyst. Hun havde sammen med andre en part i Monte Carlo, som lige har gjort et flot come-back og var meget indlevende, positiv og interesseret i, hvordan det hele gik.

Hun nåede lige at vide, at han havde gjort det så fint. Men var desværre for syg til at deltage og den 17. juni mistede vi og ikke mindst hendes familie så Hanne. Nu er det så tid at sige det endelige farvel, hvilket sker på lørdag. R.I.P.

In English:

[

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Race card for Sunday 26th. June 2016

June 22nd, 2016 · Klampenborg, Race card

The race card for Breeders Day 26th. June 2016

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Rafael Schistl out of danger

June 21st, 2016 · Diverse, Foto, Klampenborg

Rafael on Brownie (FR) last year on Derby day

The news this morning was gloomy to say the least. Rafael Schistl has been in a car crash in Brazil and was reportedly in danger as far as anyone knew this morning.

Thankfully the news are now much better in the sense that he is no longer in danger, but of course still has injuries. They’re said to be a broken hand, nine broken ribs and possibly a broken leg as well. But compared to the alternative, I’m sure he’ll take that and as a jockey he is not stranger to getting over injuries.

All the best to Rafael with the recovery and feeling better!

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Mowerina 2016

June 18th, 2016 · Foto, Klampenborg, Mowerinaløb

Miss vordingborg (SWE) with trainer Søren Jensen, owner Birte Müllertz, jockey Elione Chaves and Lead up Danielle and someone I don’t know who is

With lead up Danielle

With jockey Elione Chaves and Danielle

Mowerina is always an exciting race, but as it turned out, the ratings in the programmes were almost there. It was exsactly the horses mentioned that ended up in the first 4 places although the order was a bit different.

But you can have a look at the photos and see how close it was. So close in fact that for a long time we weren’t sure who won. Beaufort Twelve was in the winners circle and I think we all thought she won, but it was actually Miss Vordingborg – by a nose. That explains why I haven’t got the “winnershots” of her really for which I appologize, but that was the situation. Miss Vordingborg and Elione Chaves won before Beaufort Twelve and Nicolaj Stott and Elektra Art (IRE) and Marcos Robaldo. And it was great for trainer Søren Jensen, as he trains both the first and the 2nd. horse.

Miss Vordingborg (SWE) (Layman – Crystal Gazer) bred in Sweden, trained by Søren Jensen, owned by Hilmer Petersen and Birte Müllertz and was ridden by Elione Chaves

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Winners: Start Me Up Handicap, 2Yo Series, Maiden Race

June 17th, 2016 · 2 Year Old Race, 3-Year Old Maiden Race, Foto, Klampenborg

Start Me Up Handicap

My Pearl (Mingun – Top Pearl) is bred by Henrik Stork og Stald Front Team and trained and owned by Ôllegård Gren, Sverige, and ridden by Marcos Robaldo

Some of my racing friends know this, and if you don’t I’ll tell you. I love stayer races and always have. I absolutely love Loyal’s looks – as you can tell by now, just my kind of horse. He had just won in Sweden, so I was hoping for him to do well here and he was tipped as a winner in the programme. I wonder what happend – he ended last. Alicia In My Dream (SWE) obviously loves Klampenborg as I don’t ever remember her running badly here and she was 2nd. and Frost was 3rd.

2 YO Series

It is always very exciting to see the new stars appear on the track and one can be as good as the other as we have no way of knowing. We didn’t have anyone in that race, so the next best thing was for the neighbours to win. I’ve seen Nicolaj riding out on Seatown all winter, and no doubt he is a special horse. Also fun as I, as many others, clearly remember his mother Silvertown. Seatown easily won is first race and as such made his mother proud, as well as owner, trainer and jockey.

Seatown (Born To Sea – Silvertown) is bread in Ireland, trained by Søren Jensen and owned by Seaside Stable and ridden by Nicolaj Stott

Here is a photo of Silvertown with Kim Andersen on board from 2011:

[

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Pokalløb (L) 2016

June 14th, 2016 · Foto, Klampenborg, Pokalløb (L)

From the left: Daniel Muscutt on Funk Soul Brother (GB), Nicolaj Stott on Irish Rock (IRE), and Carlos Lopez on Avon Pearl (GB)

Kevin Stott on the one female – Inaya (GB) and Ekone Chaves on Beentheredonethat (FR)

Jacob Johansen on Hurricane Red (IRE), who has only been on Klampenborg once before in 2014

Oliver Wilson on Falconet

Nelson De Souza on Coprah (GB) and Jacob Johansen on Hurricane Red (IRE)

The final in Pokalløb (L) 2016 with Oliver Wilson and Falconet setting of towards a win

Oliver Wilson on Falconet after the win with lead up Susanne Springer

With Trainer Bent Olsen and lead-up Susanne Springer

This race has always been one of my favorites. It’s my kind of horses – a race for the “big boys” although this particular one had one great female in the mix too (Inaya).

As a winner Hurricane Red (IRE) was tipped a lot and of course he was a good candidate, but so was others – As number three they had Falconet, but he was the one who came out the strongest. He is a favorite horse of mine and exsactly the type of horse I adore.
He is a huge horse, and really strong. With very accomplished jockey Oliver Wilson on for the first time they were the perfect pair. Jacob Johansen normally rides him, but had chosen Hurricane Red (IRE) and they finished 2nd and Elione Chaves and Beentheredonethat (FR)

Falconet (Falco – Seattles Wood) is bred by Hjortebo Stud, Trained by Bent Olsen, owned by Lone Kaj Nielsen and was ridden by Oliver Wilson

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