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Race cards for the weekend!

September 9th, 2016 · Bro Park, Klampenborg, Photo, Race card

Stinger and Carlos Lopez are also starting in Stockholm

We have a lot of racing going on this weekend and here are some of the horses starting in Stockholm and the race cards for the different race days. There are many more lovely horses, but I need to get this up before the racing starts. I hope you enjoy the racing, no matter how much you’re going to watch. As for me – properly all of it, knowing me.

I’m not sure if I’m going racing tomorrow at Klampenborg as I’ve had some health issues (if you want to read, there is translation on site) lately, but we’ll see. If nothing else I’ll watch it at home. But I might see you!
I wish you all a lovely weekend.

Karmastrikesback and Per-Anders Gråberg

Dark Eagle and Kevin Stott in Stockholm it’s with Oliver Wilson in the saddle

Here it is first Monte Carlo and Nicolaj Stott and right behind him is Good One with Oliver Wilson and they are again in the same race (and same jockeys) – Breeders Trophy Mile

All Or Nothing and Kevin Stott win the Danish 2000 Guineas. In Breeders Trophy Classic he has Fredrik Janetzky up

The race cards for the three race days this weekend:

The Race card for Stockholm Friday 9th. September

The race card for Klampenborg 10th. September

The race card for Bro Park 11th. September

The Derby winner Suspicous Mind with Per-Anders-Gråberg up in Stockholm too.
Here with lead-up Sabina Karlsson after winning The Derby

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The Race Card for Oaks Day 4th. September 2016

September 1st, 2016 · Danish Oaks, Klampenborg, Race card

You’ll find the race card here.

The photo is of last years winner of The Oaks, Mai Pen Rai (FR) with trainer Niels Petersen and jockey Elione Chaves and lead up Cecilie Johnsen.

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Scandinavian Open Yearling Sale 2016

August 24th, 2016 · Scandinavian Open Yearling Sale, York Stutteri

The yearlings on offer can be seen here!

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Race Card for Saturday 20th. August

August 17th, 2016 · Race card

You’ll find the race card for Saturday here.

The photo is Playboy and Shane Karlsson on SOC-Day!

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Race card for the SOC/Derby weekend 6th. & 7th. August 2016

August 3rd, 2016 · Race card

The photo is from SOC day last year and is Ulrikke Nielsen on Zolitall (IRE) winning Without Fear Handicap before Francis Waveru on Ferrari Junior.

You find the race card here.

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Derby galops 2016

August 2nd, 2016 · Derby galops, Klampenborg

Oliver Wilson on Maltho and Jorge Horcajada Gomez on Go Win Casino

Kim Andersen på Screwbox Carlras

Oliver Wilson on Maltho

Jorge Horcajada Gomez on Go Win Casino?

Kim Andersen på Screwbox Carlras

Mohammed Aslam on Drillbox Carlras

Nathalie Leijonhöf on Nemuranthes

Sabina Karlsson on Suspicous Mind

Lena Overgaard Hansen on Storm Wind and Susanne Johansen on Amorette

Francis Waveru onNaga Jolokia, Marcos Robaldo on King Charles, Manuel Santos on No Comment

Nathalie Leijonhöf on Nemuranthes

Christel Peuthun on Lord Of Dublin

Cathrine Weilby on Sir Danzbo

Kim Andersen on Top Shave, Oliver Wilson on Steelgirl Carlras, Jorge Horcajada Gomez on Juana

Nicolaj Stott on Stradivarius

This morning, there was no beating about the bush, it was up early! Derby Galops were on the agenda and normally I’d be very happy to see the sun, but NOT for (Derby) galops! That means you’ve got the sun straight in the camera, and that doesn’t make for great photos. But I should learn to trust my camera more as it always perform better than I expect and I’ve gotten som good photos everything considering.

I didn’t photograph all the galops. I lost my motivation due to the whole sun situation and frankly, I’ll get more than my share of photos to share after a weekend which is going to be grueling in terms of photos and just in general. I’d rather have SOC and the Derby at their normal time of year, but that’s not up to me, so I’ll just have to grin and bear it – which I will do! But I can promise that I won’t photograph all the races. That would be pure suicide, so I’ll have to limit myself.

The galops went fine and some horses of course went a propper galop while others were “just” there to try the bend. Two obviously needed to be reminded of the bend and try it. Suspicous Mind had a little reminder on the neck to tell him to go round all very skillfully handled by Sabina Karlsson.

Nathalie Leijonhöf on Nemuranthes was not as lucky. Nemuranthes took the first bend, but when he reached the second one at the woods he thought that was enough. Obviously Nathalie didn’t and they parted ways. Fortunately neither horse or rider got hurt, and she could have another go. He tried the same stunt again but she was prepared and they started over and the 3rd. time was it, they made it round. I wonder why they didn’t bring a lead horse.

In the mittle of taking photos, I was summoned to move the rails so Nicolaj and Stradivarius could get out on the grass. So I did! And put it back afterwards. I’m never bored at the track or the stable for that matter.

For now I give you these lovely people and horses and we have started the countdown to the events of the year! As always I’m relying on the good people from the track to help me with the horses I haven’t pinned down, but all in good time. To see the horses starting in both SOC and The Derby, go here.

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The final countdown – SOC and the Derby

July 29th, 2016 · Danish Derby, Skandinavian Open Championship (Gr. 3)

Last years winner of SOC – Dina Danekilde and Berling (IRE)

Chess Racing Scandinavian Open Championship (Gr.3):

Bank Of Burden/Per-Anders Gråberg – Niels Petersen
Berling /Dina Danekilde – Jessica Long
Captain Morgan/Nicolaj Stott – Marc Stott
Falconet /Manuel Santos – Bent Olsen
Fields Of Athenry/Oliver Wilson – Flemming Velin
Giuseppe Piazzi/Jorge Horcajada Gomez – Flemming Velin
Hurricane Red/Jacob Johansen – Lennart Jr Reuterskiöld
Inaya/Nelson De Souza – Jessica Long
Jubilance/Fredrik Janetzky – Bent Olsen
Matauri/Elione Chaves – Niels Petersen
Quarterback/Jan-Erik Neuroth – Rune Haugen
Stinger/Carlos Lopez – Hanne Bechmann

Here you have this years participants in this years Scandinavian Open Championship in alphabetical order. We have seen a lot them before. Falconet, Berling and Bank Of Burden has certainly been there before and last year Berling won, also with Dina Danekilde on board. It will be exciting to see who wins this year. They’re all very, very good horses.


Hellerup Finans Danish Derby 2016:

Oliver Wilson on Fighter Carlras

Elione Chaves on Marlborough

Jacob Johansen on No Comment

Oliver Wilson on Efesos

Nicolaj Stott on Beaufort Twelve (red hat and light blue shirt)

Kevin Stott on All Or Nothing

We are getting close to both Scandinavian Open Championship and Danish Derby 2016. Very exciting as always and above you can see a few of the horses who are on the list for the Derby. Unterneath you can see the horses who are in the Derby in alphabetical order. Monday morning there will be the traditional Derby galop and the start tracks will be drawn. More about that later!

Some trainers even have more than one horse in there. Bent Olsen has three horses in this year’s Derby, All Or Nothing, King Charles and No Comment and Niels Petersen has two, Marlborough and Suspicious Mind.

It’s going to be a hard weekend, as there is Scandinavian Open Championchip the day before as well as a lot of other races and then the Derby etc. Sunday. Here you have the Derby horses:

All Or Nothing/ Kevin Stott – Bent Olsen
Appelina/Jan-Erik Neuroth – Wido Neuroth
Beaufort Twelve/Nicolaj Stott – Søren Jensen
Beauty Award/Shane Karlsson – Elisabeth Gautier
Efesos/Oliver Wilson – Marc Stott
Fighter Carlras/ Jorge Horcajada Gomez – Bettina Andersen
Justin Case/ Nelson De Souza – Hallvard Soma
King Charles/Marcos Robaldo – Bent Olsen
Lifeofbryan/Carlos Lopez – Hallvard Soma
Marlborough/Elione Chaves – Niels Petersen
Marylen/David Parkes – Kaj Sørensen
Nemuranthes/Dayverson De Barross – Jan-Erik Pettersson
No Comment/ Manuel Santos – Bent Olsen
Red Zeppelin/Jacob Johansen – Wido Neuroth
Suspicious Mind/ Per-Anders Gråberg – Niels Petersen

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Behind Every Great Horse

July 29th, 2016 · Diverse, Videos

‘Behind Every Great Horse’ shines a light on the unsung heroes of the horse racing community and their role in making the sport extraordinary. From the stable jockeys who go on daily dawn rides on the gallops, to the grooms who work tirelessly in the stable yard, to the farriers who tend to the horses’ hooves, these are the men and women whose passion and dedication allow every horse to thrive. Guinness is proud to have sponsored the Galway Races Festival for the last fifty one years, a landmark occasion in the Irish racing and social calendar.

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