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An idea for X-mas and anytime

December 9th, 2016 · Bøger, Diverse

I have mentioned Audible before and I’ll mention it again, as Christmas is approaching. As you can see you’re able to give the gift of lovely entertainment and books to your friends and family as well, if not for yourself. gamble-felix-francis

You don’t have to be dyslectic or anything like that, to enjoy the convenience of audiobooks. Far from it. It’s just something that is easier than a book on the go and while doing something else e.i. washing up, just to mention one thing, where it is nice to have something to listen to. You can even share it with someone else, as Audible is also possible to listen to on your Laptop or Pad of some sort. It will always synchronize so you’ll start up where you’ve were. So what’s not to like?

I have a subscription to, but you can also choose the American version if you’d rather have that. It’s not the same books, although some of them are. I might try the American one at some point to try something different, and to read some of the titles that are not on We’ll have to see.

As you can see, I’m right now reading something horse related (“surprise”, but I do read a lot that is not too), and I’ll highly recommend Felix Francis books to anyone who liked his fathers Dick Francis books. His is just as good if not even better. I’ve just started this one, but it is so far very good and a bestseller. So consider Audible – not just for Christmas but in general.

If you don’t do the English, but would like a Danish App, that does the same, there is Mofibo and Storytel. But as I haven’t tried any of them, it’s hard to say anything about. But the principal of it is the same. I use a different system to listen my Danish books. I have Nota, which is for people who cannot read normal books. And if you’re Danish and dyslectic or have other health issues affecting you that way, you can get it through your doctor (see how on Nota’s site).

I also would like to take this oppertunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. I’m going abroad to spend Christmas for the first time ever and to visit my new family. So exciting doesn’t even cover it. So it’ll be a while before there’ll be a new post here, but I’ll be back. Take care for now and again thank you for your loyal and lovely support.

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Horse racing in Kenya and Jacob Lokorian

December 3rd, 2016 · Diverse, International

Photo: Adriana Strüver

I was looking for something different, althought related to Ngong and Kenya, when this article from Galopp Magazine, written by Adriana Strüver turned up as a PDF file:

Ngong Racecourse, Kenya

And since I hadn’t seen it, I thought others possibly hadn’t either. I most certainly think it deserved mentioning. Not least because it also mentions Jacob Lokorian, who has ridden here periodically.

And in this cold it is nice to look on something from warmer places. I’m tempted to take a trip down there, but right now I have a few other plans first. But it could easily go on my to-see-list. What about you? Tell me what horse related places, you’d like to go to or/and already have been to.


Jockey Club of Kenya – Ngong Racecourse and Golf Park

2013 Healthy Woman, Kenya – No mean achievement – an article about female jockey Leslie Sercombe

Sercumbe Racing Stables, Kenya – on Facebook

1st. May 2013 -LENS blogs, N.Y. Times – Rough Track and Low Stakes in Kenya

Photographer Adrina Strüver

About Kenya on Wikipedia

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Awards 2016

November 12th, 2016 · Awards, Klampenborg, Photo

The 3 year old and horse of The Year: Suspicious Mind
(with Sabina Karlsson after Danish Derby)

Breeder of The Year: Hjortebo
(here Søren Hjorth on the right here with Karmastrikesback)

Older horse of The Year: Quarterback
(here with Rafael Schistl on Norwegian Derbyday 2015)

Amateur of The Year: William Segovia
(here on Obi C Blue Eyed Pact – Photo: Svensk Galop)

The 2-year old of The Year: Daurehøj Carlras
(winning with Nicolaj Stott)

Handicapper of The Year: Monte Carlo
(winning with Nicolaj Stott)

Jockey of The Year: Oliver Wilson
(here on Hijo De Reina (IRE))

Trainer of The Year: Bent Olsen
(here with Falconet, Oliver Wilson and Susanne Springer)

Apprentice of The Year: Fredrik Janetzky
(here winning on Rocky (IRE))

The Award Party was earlier than it normally is and they changed it slightly. But above, you can see who was awarded last night at Klampenborg Racecourse.

A huge congratiolation to all award winners!

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Race card for Saturday 22nd. October

October 18th, 2016 · Klampenborg, Photo, Race card

The Kicker and Nicolaj Stott on Oaks Day. Saturday it’ll be Martin Rodriguez in the stirrups

Race card for Saturday 22nd. October 2016

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Race card for Saturday 15th. October

October 14th, 2016 · Klampenborg, Race card, St. Leger

Oliver Wilson on Frøken Smilla – they’re also starting Saturday

The race card for Saturday 15th. October

We’re heading for the end of the season, this time it is St. Leger with among them the Derby winner Suspicious Mind and the rival from that race Efesos in it as well. There are 7 horses in St. Leger, which is the same number of races on the day.

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Danish Championships for Amateur Riders and Espen’s new life

October 10th, 2016 · Amateur/aprentice handicap, Dansk Kriterium, Diverse, Klampenborg, Photo

A happy and relaxed Espen in the winners paddock Saturday

Rikke Bay-Torp and Clauses Angola win the Danish Amateur Championship before Sir Walther/Lea Olsen and Miss Else/Lucas Olsen

Espen Ski with the Amateur jockeys and members of the
DAC at Klampenborg at his exhibition: From the left: Lone Reimer-Høgenhaug – Vice Chairman, Lisa Lindberg, Sabina Gammelgaard, Lise Vest, The winner and Chairman Rikke Bay-Torp, Espen, Cecilie Johnsen, Mona Al-Haj. In front of them: Jaqueline Jacobsen and Victoria Larsen

Saturday I went racing and photographed for the first time in a while. It was nice to get into things. I knew that Espen was comming and was looking forward to seeing him. But first the race.

It was the Danish Championship for Amateurs with 10 horses running. At the end, there was only one horse in the lead and that was Clauses Angola with Rikke Bay-Torp in the saddle. A very convincing win and a very happy jockey and of course trainer and owner.

Clauses Angola (Academy Award – Andalouise) is a bay mare owned by Reinhold Andersen AB, bred by Østerbygaard Stud and trained by Ellinor Rasmusson, Malmö and was ridden by Rikke Bay-Torp

For the prize Espen Ski had contributed one of his works to the winning jockey. Most people here know who Espen is or rather who he was! This article is as much about him and his new life as anything else. The Espen you knew was one of the most succesful jockeys in Scandinavia. He did most of what you’d want in that field and then he did something he most certainly did not. He got injured – seriously injured!

Espen fell of and had serious headtrauma and was in hospital for a long time and for him to even survive was a miracle. So he is just so grateful to be just that – alive! Of course he had times of despair and misery and thinking about “what now?” and if he could go back. And we as a public didn’t know much and that was also due to the process of him not knowing for a long time. What he wanted and what was possible. The acceptance that life was now different took a long time and a lot of internal work. Espen has been on a horse afterwards and it’s not that he can’t ride anymore. He can, but he’s not the same man anymore and another fall could be the last. It’s simply not worth it.

He is now very happy exploring his artistic side and Saturday he displayed some of it at Klampenborg and gave one of his works as a prize in this race. A very nice collage.

It was extreemly nice to see Espen so happy and relaxed and well. I haven’t seen him since last year at the Norwegian Derby Day where he was physically well but the whole process was not there yet. I could clearly tell the difference and that was great to see. As that is the most important: That Espen is happy and healthy – now the artist Espen Ski! He’ll try and come back to Klampenborg next season with more art. Personally I’m very much looking forward to it.

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Race cards for the weekend!

September 9th, 2016 · Bro Park, Klampenborg, Photo, Race card

Stinger and Carlos Lopez are also starting in Stockholm

We have a lot of racing going on this weekend and here are some of the horses starting in Stockholm and the race cards for the different race days. There are many more lovely horses, but I need to get this up before the racing starts. I hope you enjoy the racing, no matter how much you’re going to watch. As for me – properly all of it, knowing me.

I’m not sure if I’m going racing tomorrow at Klampenborg as I’ve had some health issues (if you want to read, there is translation on site) lately, but we’ll see. If nothing else I’ll watch it at home. But I might see you!
I wish you all a lovely weekend.

Karmastrikesback and Per-Anders Gråberg

Dark Eagle and Kevin Stott in Stockholm it’s with Oliver Wilson in the saddle

Here it is first Monte Carlo and Nicolaj Stott and right behind him is Good One with Oliver Wilson and they are again in the same race (and same jockeys) – Breeders Trophy Mile

All Or Nothing and Kevin Stott win the Danish 2000 Guineas. In Breeders Trophy Classic he has Fredrik Janetzky up

The race cards for the three race days this weekend:

The Race card for Stockholm Friday 9th. September

The race card for Klampenborg 10th. September

The race card for Bro Park 11th. September

The Derby winner Suspicous Mind with Per-Anders-Gråberg up in Stockholm too.
Here with lead-up Sabina Karlsson after winning The Derby

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The Race Card for Oaks Day 4th. September 2016

September 1st, 2016 · Danish Oaks, Klampenborg, Race card

You’ll find the race card here.

The photo is of last years winner of The Oaks, Mai Pen Rai (FR) with trainer Niels Petersen and jockey Elione Chaves and lead up Cecilie Johnsen.

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