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160516 Grassgalops and from Danish to English

May 16th, 2016 · 1 Comment · Foto, Galops, Klampenborg

Brian Wilson on Jack Of Clubs and Oliver Wilson on Vejovis (GB) (Brian Wilson)

Jacob Johansen on No Comment and behind him Christel Preuthun, on what I for obvious reasons couldn’t see. Not ideal for me at all! But I now know it’s Cabanac (GB) (Bent Olsen)

Dorte Müllertz-Allerup on Stradivarius and Louise Bogøe Schou on Sådan (Søren Jensen)

Susie Glennie on Sunday Pearl and Nicolaj Stott on Monte Carlo (Hanne Bechmann)

I’ve been struggling with this question for a while now and I think, I’ve come up with what the answer should be, but we’ll see what you guys think. Since everything I post on my Facebook page is in English and I do have loads of foreign followers, there is a huge amount of jockey’s who dosen’t speak any Danish (if they do speak a foreign language it is mostly English) and most racing interested people know enough English to follow this site in English I’m sure. So I think that from now on, the site will be in English. But of course I’d like your input on the matter please!

Well it was Monday again today. I didn’t know what our horses were doing or not doing. If they wern’t doing anything major and just cantering, I would rather come in tomorrow as by then they would be doing some work. So I had one of my stable mates text me if anything was going on. I got the text last night – they’re working. So up early it was. As you can see, the last two horses on the grass were ours. I missed two of Søren Jensen’s horse, who had been there at 6! A bit of a shame really as I was awake, but never mind, and later I just about missed a lot from Bent’s but there you go. I think I got a nice little selection here and I hope you enjoy it. And as always, please let me know the horses and people I have not been able to identify. In brackets the trainers name.

When all the plesant stuff is over, I just want to add a little request:

Please do not ask me to send you photos in private. It’s not going to happen! It’s not why I set up a webpage for them. If I was to send to all the people I take photos of… the maths yourself. So if you want to see my photos, join Facebook and/or Instagram or/and see some there or go here and watch them. But be mindfull that the pictures shown are not the same!

I’ve been sitting here editing the photos since I got home now. I don’t expect you to get, how much work and energy goes into my photos, but this tells you a little of how much. I have a headache now and I’m dead tired. So please show my work as much respect that you at least bother to go here and see it. If you know someone who is not on social media or in other ways have a problem finding this page – feel free to share the link! Thank you for your understanding.

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