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Monte Carlo – A labour of love ♡ – winner Mr. Swing King Handicap

June 8th, 2016 · 4 Comments · Foto, Klampenborg

Nicolaj Stott and Monte Carlo on the way to start

On the way to victory – a determind and eager Monte Carlo did fantasticly

On the way to the winners paddock with lead up Søs Kühlmann

With Trainer Hanne Bechmann and lead up Søs Kühlmann

With Søs in the winners paddock

Well, if you don’t want to hear me rant and endulge about this victory you better quit now! I’m well aware that this race was more or less nothing to most people, but to our stable (Bechmann Racing) it was huge. To begin with just to have this horse out running again was something else. It has been almost a year (11 months) since his last race in Århus.

Everyone in racing knows that sometimes getting there takes something totally different and a lot of hard work, thinking out of the box and not least love and patience. Well this was the case here. We started with a lot of love and patience and just plain time. At some point you’ll have to give it a go and then there was Nicolaj! I’m not lying – as soon as he litterally took over the rains it turned the table from frustration to progress and we all saw the brilliant result Sunday when he won Mr. Swing King Handicap before Elione Chaves and Moon Life (SWE) and Jacob Johansen and Dream’run (ITY).

To say it was moving does not even begin to describe it. He is a lovely horse and of course we love all the horses, but he is bred by Hanne herself and as such is even more special. We have all given him love and attention and tried to help where we could. Not least Søs as he is her favorite horse. It’s of course a team effort, but mostly it’s Nicolaj’s magic! I don’t think it can be explained, but it has been heard of before, that he has got something extra. We certainly believe he does and Monte Carlo is total proof of that.

I talked to a friend at the track, who told me she had a horse she had huge problems with and tried everything. The only thing she didn’t try was Nicolaj, and she really regretted that. So a huge congratiolation to Hanne and all the other owners and not least Nicolaj!

Monte Carlo (Pistachio-Miss Moet) is bred by Bechmann Racing, trained by Hanne Bechmann, owned by Bechmann, Arslev, Wikke and was ridden by Nicolaj Stott

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