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Derby galops 2016

August 2nd, 2016 · 1 Comment · Derby galops, Klampenborg

Oliver Wilson on Maltho and Jorge Horcajada Gomez on Go Win Casino

Kim Andersen på Screwbox Carlras

Oliver Wilson on Maltho

Jorge Horcajada Gomez on Go Win Casino?

Kim Andersen på Screwbox Carlras

Mohammed Aslam on Drillbox Carlras

Nathalie Leijonhöf on Nemuranthes

Sabina Karlsson on Suspicous Mind

Lena Overgaard Hansen on Storm Wind and Susanne Johansen on Amorette

Francis Waveru onNaga Jolokia, Marcos Robaldo on King Charles, Manuel Santos on No Comment

Nathalie Leijonhöf on Nemuranthes

Christel Peuthun on Lord Of Dublin

Cathrine Weilby on Sir Danzbo

Kim Andersen on Top Shave, Oliver Wilson on Steelgirl Carlras, Jorge Horcajada Gomez on Juana

Nicolaj Stott on Stradivarius

This morning, there was no beating about the bush, it was up early! Derby Galops were on the agenda and normally I’d be very happy to see the sun, but NOT for (Derby) galops! That means you’ve got the sun straight in the camera, and that doesn’t make for great photos. But I should learn to trust my camera more as it always perform better than I expect and I’ve gotten som good photos everything considering.

I didn’t photograph all the galops. I lost my motivation due to the whole sun situation and frankly, I’ll get more than my share of photos to share after a weekend which is going to be grueling in terms of photos and just in general. I’d rather have SOC and the Derby at their normal time of year, but that’s not up to me, so I’ll just have to grin and bear it – which I will do! But I can promise that I won’t photograph all the races. That would be pure suicide, so I’ll have to limit myself.

The galops went fine and some horses of course went a propper galop while others were “just” there to try the bend. Two obviously needed to be reminded of the bend and try it. Suspicous Mind had a little reminder on the neck to tell him to go round all very skillfully handled by Sabina Karlsson.

Nathalie Leijonhöf on Nemuranthes was not as lucky. Nemuranthes took the first bend, but when he reached the second one at the woods he thought that was enough. Obviously Nathalie didn’t and they parted ways. Fortunately neither horse or rider got hurt, and she could have another go. He tried the same stunt again but she was prepared and they started over and the 3rd. time was it, they made it round. I wonder why they didn’t bring a lead horse.

In the mittle of taking photos, I was summoned to move the rails so Nicolaj and Stradivarius could get out on the grass. So I did! And put it back afterwards. I’m never bored at the track or the stable for that matter.

For now I give you these lovely people and horses and we have started the countdown to the events of the year! As always I’m relying on the good people from the track to help me with the horses I haven’t pinned down, but all in good time. To see the horses starting in both SOC and The Derby, go here.

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