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Winter training

February 11th, 2017 · 1 Comment · Foto, Ikke kategoriseret, Klampenborg








Long time no see in here. Well not since I left for my big holliday in Arizona, USA. I was gone for 1½ month and loved every second. What I’m not loving so much is coming back to the cold and grey weather. But I’ll get used to it again I guess. I also went racing over there and I have an entry comming about that shortly and you’ll understand, why I want to go back.

O went for a walk the day before yesterday and of course I went through the track and met some friends there. It was not crowed there for obvious reasons but the track was actually okay as it turned out. Afterwards I went to the stables, and a lot of thee “holliday children” are back now, and it was nice to see them.

I need to get stuck in and can’t wait really but I’ve been severely struck down with jetlag and haven’t been awake. And I don’t deal with racehorses or any horse for that matter, not being awake. So I’llh ae to wait for me being myself again. right now it’s 5.25 and Iøve been awake since 2!! To be continued…..

The photos:

1. Gert Hansen and Sessan
2, 3, 4 Nicolaj Stott and Bolette Sig Mathiesen on Drillbox Carlras and Brooklyn Carlras.
5. and 6. Brian Wilson on St. George
7. Sille Kjær Kristensen on Storm Wind

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