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Deborah og Lois Lane

This site is run by Deborah, and I’m by now “old” in the racing world. Weird thing to be able to say, but in this case I’m sort of okay with it. Like they say it’s better than the alternative.

My days in Racing started back in 1985 with Trainer Gert Jensen, who at that time was at, what is now a riding school for Islandic horses – Ordrupdal. There were Islandic’s there then too, but most of it was race horses. Anyway I had part in a former race horse Iron Lad, who was something else. I’m still amazed that horse never got me of – it was not for the lack of trying, I can tell you.

To make a long story a bit shorter, I was facinated with the race horses, and I always loved thoroughbreds, so it wasn’t long before I joined the crew in the racing stable. Thankfully a lot of the people from back then are still in the racing world and I see them every week.

They also say “your first” is something special, and talking about my first racing stable – it sure was. Gert was so good to me and we got on very well. I’ll always be thankful to him for taking good care of me back then. Unfortunately he later moved to Fyn and I never see him at racing anymore, but I see one of his daughters.

Later I joined other trainers and I have never looked back, racing and race horses is in my blod and will be till the day I die. I now help out at Bechmann Racing’s stable at Enghavelyst a few times a week and try and be of as much help as possible. My favorite activity is walking our star in the stable – The Kicker whom I spent a lot of time with. He is a great pleasure to us all and not least me.

Apart from helping in the stable, there is of course the photography. That is not something new either. I think I’ve more less photographed as long as I have been riding (since I was 6 – I’m not riding now though) – not quite but nearly, and over the years the urge to do so has become compulsery as you can tell by the huge amount of photos I take. I love it, so I hope my photos bring you some joy and that is my motivation for making this site and of course my own love for the racing world.

The best way to show appreciation for my work is to like, share and comment on my photos. The photo of me is not new, but I’ll try and put some more in here prefrebly newer. I just like this one so much it is me and Lois Lane at Enghavelyst in 2008. Lois is now a broodmare.

Deborah, 14th. June 2016

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