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Copyright and the use of photos


The photos (and text) on this site is protected by copyright. That means, you’re not allowed to share, copy or in other ways use them without asking me first. If you see them used by others they properly have permission from me already. And if not, I’m sure I’ll find out. Normally I’m very approchable and will often give you permission to use my photo if you ask.

I think I’m being very generous with my photos as it is, so respecting this shouldn’t be an issue at all. If you want to share the entry on this site PLEASE do, that is why there is a share button on the site – meaning sharing the link to the entry – not the photos!

Please read this entry for further explanation as well (both in Danish and link to the English version).

On Facebook and Instagram

Photo ©
All rights reserved. Sharing is allowed (and very much appreciated!) within Facebook by making use of the ‘Share’ button.

PLEASE do share using the share button and feel free to use as profile photos but please DON’T change the photos, use them as they are or not – the whole photo.

Click the photo – use the menu below and click “use as profile photo” That’s the way to do it and will give me the credit I deserve for my rather big piece of work.

Some might use my photos as coverphotos or profile photos in other ways but in most cases that is agreed. Please get in touch for that. Thank you for understanding and supporting me and the photos!


You are welcome to use the photos on Facebook on Instagram, but please do not change the photo. The ones I’ve already put there, please share them – not copy. And don’t change them.

Update: 27th. April 2018


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